Top Best Free Search Engine Submission Tools - 2016

I think you already know that most traffic and visitors come from the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. But to get traffic from major search engines you need to introduce your web pages. And so introducing your web pages to the major search engines is called search engine submission. You can do so easily as there are many notes and articles over the internet such as this one.
There are two ways of search engine submission, manual submission and automatic submission. In the manual submission, the process is little difficult but in automated process this is just the one click away. By using these websites and tools you can save your valuable time, money and energy to do another important work. The process is just easy and takes less time than actual manual process. You have just to enter your website address and email id if needed, then select your desired search engines from the list and then the final step is to make it happen by clicking the submit button. So here are my top 8 best free search engine submission tools.
Top Best Free Search Engine Submission Tools - 2016
Top Best Free Search Engine Submission Tools - 2016
1. Entire Web
This is my first favorite search engine submission tool. The tool is being used by more than 3.5 million peoples. It can submit the web pages on various search engines including major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. The process of submission is very fast than any other and let you reach your desired search engine.
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How to use CommentLuv in Blogger/Blogspot blogs?

As you know guys CommentLuv is a famous commenting system among bloggers as this is very helpful for the owner and commenter. So today we are going to try out, how to enable CommentLuv in Blogspot/Blogger blogs. First, at all, you may want to know what are the pros and cons of using CommentLuv in a blog.

Pros of Using CommentLuv in Blog
This is a nice way to say thanks to your commenters because of this include a better method which we call Backlink. Yes, a Backlink from your blog to commenter’s blog. This also provides us a better filter to catch out the spammers, as it is fully featured with spam filters. It makes relations between us and third bloggers. It helps the community know each other better.

Cons of Using CommentLuv in Blog
There are also many cons of using CommentLuv in a blog. First thing is that it makes your blog load slowly because it includes a Backlink to another site every time. However, you are able to edit the comment how you want. Secondly, this is not helpful if you think like it will help you to build more targeted traffics.
How to Enable CommentLuv in Blogger/Blogspot?
Okay, let’s begin the procedure of adding CommentLuv in Blogspot or Blogger blog.
Step: 1. First, you need to visit where you need to sign-up if you have not an account there or simply login there if you have one previously created.

Step: 2. After logging in there you have to click sites at the above strip or from the top menu. There click on Add blog/site if you have not already one.

Step: 3.
Now you will see a little box asking for your website address, just put it there and hit ‘Next Step’. In the next step choose ‘Blogger’ logo from that list in order to add CommentLuv in Blogger blog.

Step: 4. In the next load, you might see instructions to add CommentLuv in blogger blog. So follow that otherwise move to the next step (here).

Step: 5. Choose how you want to add CommentLuv to your Blogspot blog. There are two options to do that: First is to add on all the upcoming and new posts and second is to add for all the posts you have done and for all the future posts. Choose whatever you need.

Step: 6. Now open your blogger blog in a new tab where you want to add CommentLuv. In that blogger dashboard, you need to go to Template>Backup/Restore. Now download your full template from there.

Step: 7.
How to Enable CommentLuv in Blogger/Blogspot?
Move to the Intense Debate tab. Scroll down to the button side and then choose your downloaded template from ‘Choose File’ and then hit ‘Upload file and continue’.

Step: 8.
How to Enable CommentLuv in Blogger/Blogspot?
In this new window, you have to copy that HTML code from that little box.

Step: 9. Now head over to your blogger blog tab and then go to Template>Edit HTML. Click inside the box once and then press the combination of (Ctrl + A) and then hit Delete button on your keyboard.

Step: 10. As the above step we have deleted the previous HTML source code of our blog and now this is the time to paste out that copied HTML code in it so now click inside the box once and then use the combination (Ctrl + V). This was just the last step on the Blogger Tab so just save that HTML and you may close it now.

Step: 11.
How to Enable CommentLuv in Blogger/Blogspot?
Now go to Intense Debate Tab and choose your added site from the above ‘Sites’ button.

Step: 12.
How to Enable CommentLuv in Blogger/Blogspot?
Now click on plugins as shown in above screenshot.

Step: 13.
How to Enable CommentLuv in Blogger/Blogspot?
In this window scroll down to find the CommentLuv and besides it click on ‘Activate’. That’s it.

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As the title of this blog post, I did it to help you to add the popular commenting system in the blogger blog. This system may be not working properly in few templates which use shortcodes. However, I have seen many people used it with shortcodes but I have no idea how to do that. Remember if you are going to try this tutorial please do it on your secondary or test blog, not on the active blog.
I hope and believe that you enjoyed this tutorial and going to hands up for me. Don’t be shy sharing this with your blogging friends and family members. And as an offer you can still try our mailing service to get more future interesting articles directly in your inbox.
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How to Design Logo Using MS Paint for Your Blog?

So you are here to design a logo for your company or website. Alright, I am here to guide you through MS paint by which you will learn ‘How to Draw a Logo using MS paint’. Recent researches find that a unique and effective logo can maximize the company’s brand and its performance. An effective logo can make your customers and clients buy your resources and products. A good logo can increase your brand value and popularity as well as your business.
How to design an effective logo for your business, website and blog?
This is true that a great and appropriate logo is more than thousands of words and images. Because its plays an important role in telling the story of a brand or business such as who you are, how you take care of your customers, what you do and what you stand for, etc. And so to answer all of those questions a business or company needs a solid and effective art which is called its goodwill, a Great and effective LOGO. While designing an effective logo you need to take care of your products, website design and eminence of your business and brand.

How to design a logo easily using Microsoft Paint?
I hope you will design a best logo for your blog, business or website taking care of above points. Alright, let’s begin the process of drawing a logo on MS Paint. I am sure this guide will help you designing your best one. Because I have added all the aspects to design a logo with screenshots of every steps. In this tutorial I am going to design a custom logo for ‘Blogger’, you can choose your own. But remember, to make a more attractive logo you need some good fonts.

Step: 1.
First at all open your Microsoft paint. You can find it going to ‘START>Accessories>Paint’ if you are using Windows 7. Open that program.

Step: 2.
After opening the MS paint you need to decide that how you want to design your logo such as its shape, size, type, font, effect, etc. As I am going to design a custom logo for the Blogger, you need to choose your own steps to design another one. So now choose the shape you want to add to your logo. Then minimize or maximize it using one of the corners of that shape to fit as your need. See screen shot above.

Step: 3.
So we made the shape with the help of above steps. Now we have to fill the best color in it by clicking on that color filler bucket. After choosing that color bucket just move to the shape and click on it to fill. You can choose your color from the right.

Step: 4.
Now our shape is ready, to add some texts in it just click on ‘A’ icon from upper side. You can change your text size, color, type and style from those above buttons. As I am doing it for blogger, I have only added ‘B’ in it. You can do it yourself by thinking about your site, brand, etc.

Step: 5.
My logo is ready and now it need to be saved in my hard-drive. Is your? Okay, let save it by following below last step.

Step: 6.
To save your logo in your hard-drive, click on ‘Menu>Save As’. Choose your desired type of image extension to save with. And then you will see a pop up window. There you have to name the logo file with your desired one. And then click save. That’s it.

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I hope you have enjoyed doing this tutorial and made a best one for your business blog or website. You can share it with your friends to say thanks or just join our blog using your email address to get more future interesting articles directly in your inbox without a wait. By the way, designing a logo for your business, product, website or blog is not hard as it sounds like but making it unique and special is little bit difficult. I already did an answer which is a logo can answer every question about your business or company that who you are, what you stands for, etc.
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How to Get a Top Level Domain for Free? – 2 Years

As you know guys top level domain is very important for a successful blog. If you are running a blog and writing frequently on it then you must have a top level domain for it. Because you know that without a top level custom domain your blog will look unprofessional, either you are writing epic words or spending hours on your blog customizations. This is the first thing everyone sees before visiting any blog. So this is my recommendation to grab your own custom top level domain. There are many importance to say about custom domain, one of them is you will get more organic traffic. Actually, I am not here today to describe the whole importance of a top level custom domain. I will do it later in my future post.
There are many registrars which can register a TLD for few bucks such as GoDaddy, BigRock, 1&1, etc. You can also register your own TLD by spending some money. I know some newbie like me have no money or no credit cards to invest purchasing it. So today I am going to provide a custom domain for free. Actually, some registrars provide their custom domain for free. One from those registrars is which will give you custom domain for 2 years for free. Below I have written few steps with screenshots which will help you register a custom domain for free from

How to Get a Top Level Domain for Free for total 2 Years?
After registering your free top level domain at your domain will be look like “”. Let’s begin the process of registering a free top level domain.

First at all you need to visit “”. I recommend you to please read their Terms & Conditions located at that page before proceeding to grab one for you. Now there you will see the page with a little blank box to register with your desired keyword. Simply type your keyword in it without any space and then hit check availability as shown in screenshot.

After checking for entered keyword that page will give you the next step to do. If your desired keyword is already registered then you have to recheck with another keyword. After the availability you have to choose for 2 years plan as shown in screenshot and then click checkout.

After the second step you will be able to see order confirmation page. That’s great, if you have already an account there, then simply login with actual details. If not, simply register filling out their form. You can find there form while scrolling down of that confirmation page.

After logging in or registering you will see a ‘one click away’ message. Simply click on that provide button. Then your request will be proceed for the next steps.

Now you will see a success message with some other steps to manage it for you. You can now go to your control panel by just clicking out on the ‘my account’ link as shown in above screenshots.

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As I said above that top level domain is a must needed thing to do blogging. Actually, this is not only the part of blogging to implement. There are most common things and works to do to get success with your blog such as quality contents, visual customization, and search engine optimization, etc.
As a declaration note I am not recommending to get free top level domains to start you business blog/website with it. Because this is free and handled by its owner, they can delete, forward or sell you domain as of their mind. Now this is on you that how you are going to use it.
If this article helped you in any case please share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to get most interesting future articles directly to your inbox. Keep coming for a more interesting article which will be “How to get a Self Hosted Wordpress website for Free with Custom Domain?”.Good Luck & Have Fun.
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How to Build Quality Backlinks to Rank Higher?

Generating quality Backlinks is not easy as it is being mentioned by many bloggers and professionals. When it comes to get quality Backlinks for a website, there are a lot of things to consider when generating a backlink for your website or blog. I will guide you here in detailed ways which will help you to generate quality Backlinks for your blog or website.
Actually, many Bloggers, SEO professionals, Internet Marketers says that putting your link with a good and relevant thought via CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, Forums, etc is good to increase Backlinks. They also say that target should be relevant to your blog or website.
But I don’t think so building links in these ways is called Quality Backlinks. I know that making Backlinks via CommentLuv, Forums etc is good and easy to build. But, this not mean that is quality one. Is that link valuable for your website? Or can you say that one link is quality backlink for you?

Alright, below are some points you need to consider while making a backlink for a blog.
1. Relevancy:
I appreciate that many SEO professionals and Bloggers talking about this one. As they talk you need to first check and analyze that, target is relevant and more related to your website. As an example: if my page is about Link Building then I need to build Backlinks from same pages such as Search Engine Optimization and Link Building not from Blogging, Content Writing, Travel, Food, Fashion, etc Blogs.

2. Page Value:
If you have passed the first test then you need to analyze the value of your targeted website or blog. This is second but most important step to do. Because this way you will be able to understand that how your target is going to help you in search results and ranking of your WebPages. You can check the page value of any website or blog by auditing or reviewing it. You need to check its Domain Authority, Page Authority, Moz Rank, Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Incoming links and Outgoing links. There are Google which will help you check these ranks for a particular website or blog. 
Note: Page Rank is owned and updated by Google Inc. But around 1 year this is not being updated. I think they will update it later, so don’t undervalue it.

3. NoFollow Tag:
This tag is known as ‘no value’ tag. So look at for (rel=”noFollow”) in some external links of your targeted website. If you found it then you need to know that link is not going to help you rank higher in search results but still it is valuable to get referral traffic and readers. So there are two choices: First is just leave it, because this is not going to help you anymore in SERP and second is keeping it will be good to increase readers, visitors and referral traffic.

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Now this is on you, that how you are going to build Backlinks for your blog or website. In my opinion above recommendation is must to check before making a valuable backlink. I hope you liked this adventure (How to build Quality Backlinks to Rank Higher?). Please let your friends know about this article, maybe one of them is also looking for this one. So do share with your friends via below buttons. You can also join us to get our free newsletter directly to your email inbox.
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